...to decide what to do with this place.

Just had an email from Paypal telling me my pro subscription for here has failed because it's on an old credit card and to sort out different payment.

Thing is, I'm not sure it's worth it, certainly not at the moment.

As is fairly obvious from the dearth of posting lately I'm finding it hard to write stuff these days. To be honest I'm finding it hard to do ANYTHING these days, up to and including bothering to get vertical in the morning.

So, three choices that I can see.

1) Carry on regardless, put the payment on another credit card and hope I get the will back, however unlikely that seems.

2) Cancel my pro subscription and leave this here, just in case.

3) Archive everything, then slash and burn.

At the moment I'm leaning towards number 2, I just have to remember how to cancel my pro subscription, I think I just email them.

Think with everything I've got on here over the years I don't feel like trashing it, but then I can't justify paying for it either.

Ah well, I'll decide at some point today so BCUK don't call me out as a bad boy for not paying... If it's option 1 or 2 I'll see you all when I next feel like writing (Happy Easter?), if it's option 3 I'll probably write something just in case anyone notices, don't want to join the list of those who just burnt and ran in the night.