Well, yesterday I promised a look at why I'm back, although really it needs to be a whole story, from my first blog to this one... If you're interested, settle in for a story, if you're not, keep tuned in, more interesting things will be incoming.

I first started blogging a couple months after my Dad passed away, it was sudden, unexpected and as far out of the blue as can be imagined.

I needed something, call it inspiration, a place to vent, a place to find a reason perhaps. For a long time I found it, this place gave me substance, from finding friends to feeling useful. It gave me a support network, a collective and a reason.

As my previous career ended (badly) and my new one sort of stuttered into beginning I found myself here less and less. The malaise I felt over the induced euthanasia of a job I'd spent 8 and a half years chasing and the slowness in my new one starting took it's toll and I clammed up until finally, a little under two years ago I just bailed.

If I'm honest I didn't think I would return, and yet here I am, and it's for much the same reasons I found myself here in the first place.

I have cruised the last two years and have found myself completely bereft of creativity and purpose, having screwed up the majority of things that worked.

So I'm back, I'm back to try and write again, something I truly enjoy doing, and in the hope I find more inspiration to be creative. Basically, just like day one I'm here to find substance to add to the empty framework.

Will it fail? Will it succeed? Will I find my creative urges or slip back into limbo?

I don't know, but lets hope we have fun finding out, eh?