Sorry, I have to write this, if you disagree with me and want to delete me, that's your freedom and your choice... if you actually manage to get to the end, congratulations.


Sometimes I despair for the human race.

If someone wants to speak a different language, let them. Is it your problem that they will find it hard to get assistance if they live in a country but don't know the native tongue? No, it's theirs. Does it harm you if two people stand in London or New York or Sydney and speak a different language to each other? No.

If someone wants to praise a different God(s), let them. You think you follow the one true God(s)? Good for you, so do they. The only people who know for sure are the ones in the afterlife and they're not sharing.

On the other hand, are you agnostic or atheist? There's no evidence YOU'RE right either, a lack of evidence means no evidence. One God, many Gods or NO God is equally unproven.

As there is no evidence of a right belief or wrong belief, just what people believe in their heart, how arrogant are you if you think you can change someone's heart or tell them their heart is wrong without proof.

Equally if someone wants to love this person, or that person, let them. Same sex, different sex, one partner, several partners, casual relationship or dedicated marriage, if it's not harming anyone (who doesn't want to be harmed *shrug*), go nuts.

Will someone else's relationship affect you in any way? No. If, on the other hand, your objections are religion based, read back two paragraphs and again ponder the arrogance of trying to change someone's heart with no proof that you're right.

If someone follows a different sport, listens to a different music or reads a different genre of books, let them. Differences don't weaken the world, it stops it from being bland and uninteresting.

I don't want a world where we drudge around in the same clothes, thinking the same thing, eating the same food, following the same religion. Life is like food, its amazingness and deliciousness and excitement is down to a mix of ingredients that are as different as the people of the world.

I don't want to eat mashed potatoes garnished with roast potatoes and a side of boiled potatoes.

I want mashed potato with sausages filled with pork and herbs and chilli and salt, with a side of beans in tomato sauce. I want to let all the different tastes and textures to combine to create more than the sum of their parts.

This world is not for you, or me, or them, but for everyone.

The only rule that matters is do no harm, to someone's body or their mind.

If someone harms you, fight back against that person, not their race, their religion, their nationality or their sex, but that one person.

Because all religious, all races, all nationalities and all sexes share one inarguable fact. They contain morons.

Morons who judge by appearance or sexuality.
Morons who force their religion on you as the "only" religion.
Morons who look at someone different and revert to the playground, you are different, you are not as good as me.

Racists, sexists, ageists, homophobes... the world is full of morons and their backgrounds are varied and different.

Every group has morons who will hurt people, for fun, for misplaced beliefs, for power...

Let our common morons bring us together. Don't join the morons against someone different who's done you no harm, join that person in rolling your eyes and sharing a look that says "I know, moron, we both have them" then just let the moron be, because... well, they have the right to be a moron, that's the beauty of the world, up to the point they cause harm.

If you are a moron, if you believe difference in look or sex or race makes you better than someone else, if you believe that certain religions or races or sexes can be categorised and generalised, if you think you deserve entitlements of any kind, be they financial benefits or luck or respect, but do nothing to EARN those entitlements... then yes, that's ok, carry on if you must.

We will allow you to for as long as you don't harm anyone, because that's your right. You have the right to say or do what you like, but do remember you don't have the right to be listened to or taken seriously.

Chances are, however, if you're a good and decent human being you have more in common with the good and decent people of another race, religion or nationality than you do with the morons of your own.

So beat that clan mentality, don't think you have to agree with someone just because they have one superficial thing in common with you, all they'll do is drag you down to their level.

Instead realise the world is varied, complicated and full of differences. That doesn't make it wrong or scary.

It makes it awesome.